The important and large scale exhibition projects of the government:
  The Achievement Exhibition of The Brilliant Five Years – The Construction of Spiritual Civilization and Material Progress Since 14th Party Congress
  The Achievement Exhibition of the fortieth Celebration for Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
  The Programming Exhibition of Five Main Economical Areas of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
  The showing of The Tenth Five-year Plan of Guangxi
  The Achievement Exhibition of Anti-Corruption in Guangxi
The Long-term Showing & Exhibition Projects:
  The Commemoration Exhibition for Baise Uprising
  The Exhibition Hall of Motorola - Nanning Urgency Joint-Action
  The Exhibition Hall of Motorola-Asian & Olympic Digital
  The Exhibition of the History of Guangxi University
  The Conference & Exhibition Centre of Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medical University (including The Medical Treatment History Exhibition Hall, The Medicine Exhibition Hall, The Human Body Exhibition Hall, The History of University Exhibition Hall)
  The Education Achievement Exhibition of Guangxi Normal University
Commercial Conference & Exhibition:
  Guangxi Exhibition Area of Shenzhen Hi-Tech Fair 2000
  Guangxi Exhibition Area of Beijing Food Deep Processing Exhibition 2002
  Guangxi Agricultural Exhibition Area and Nanning City Exhibition Area of The Economical & Trade Consulting Meeting in Nanning Festival of International Folk Song Art 2003
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